Eldyne is a major supplier of Digital Axle Counters (DAC) to Indian Railways. Eldyne has partnered with global leader Thales to provide the most dependable state-of-the-art DAC products. Designed as conforming to SIL -4, these products are approved for India by the Research Design  and Standards Organization (RDSO) , as per specifications ---for Single Section Axle counters and --- for Multi-section Axle Counters.

Eldyne has installed a large number of Thales DAC products –earlier known as Alcatel products- in India since --. Through innovation, adaptation and diligent application, Eldyne has established these products as the most dependable DAC systems in India.

Post-commissioning service and customer training is a priority with Eldyne. This has helped maintain a customer trust in the products. A high MTBF (mean time before failure) of the installed systems bears testimony to Eldyne’s integrated approach to reliability.

Eldyne has given training in axle counter principles, system designs and maintenance to participants from many overseas railways, in India and abroad.

Eldyne has also given design services to Irish Railways for their re-signalling projects.


AzLS (Thales 6316 FieldTrac) with Reset Box ERBS-03 and ERBM-03 - (AzLS (Thales 6316 FieldTrac) AzLM (Thales 6315 FieldTrac) with Reset Box ERBM-02 and ERBM-03 - (AzLM (Thales 6315 FieldTrac) Mushroom Cover EPC001-CI - (Mushroom Cover (EPC001-CI) Toolkit ETU001 Cabinet EAC001 Deflector EDP001 Protecting Tube EPT001


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