To enhance operational safety and protection against Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD) events, Indian Railways began implementation of Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS), in line with ETCS Level 1 technology. Eldyne, in collaboration with Thales (Austria) contributed to these efforts by opting for a field trial of ETCS L1 technology to prove applicability, safety, operational benefits and interoperability, in conformance with ETCS standards. Eldyne - Thales (Austria) was given permission by Southern Railway and the Railway Board to implement trial of TPWS technology of Thales - Austria to prove the technology and demonstrate its interoperability with Ansaldo systems which were already operational between Chennai and Gummidipundi. Permission was granted for trial in 5 Km double-line automatic block section between Gummidipundi and Elavur. The system was made operational in June 2009. Eldyne’s engineers were trained in Thales, Austria to gain comprehensive application knowledge of the systems, and the competence for adaptation and engineering of the systems to suit Indian signaling rules and environment.


Eldyne’s TPWS Activities:

  • Line-side topology design.
  • Data preparation for LEU and Balise telegrams, programming the balises and LEU’s , installation , testing and commissioning.
  • Design, manufacturing and supply of a novel type of balise mounting system suitable for Indian railway tracks.
  • Design and supply of Line-side system accessories like power conditioning units (UPS and Constant Voltage Transformers), surge protection systems, signal adaptation units for signal lamps etc.

Installation and testing of Thales-make

Lineside Equipment (LEU):

Permission of Railway Board Permission of Southern Railway Report on Installation & Testing



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