About Eldyne

Eldyne Group was started in the 1950s as manufacturer of state-of-the-art communication systems for the Indian Defense. Since then, it expanded into several technology areas like electrical power products like high -tension transformers, signalling relays for the railways and signalling automation products like digital axle counters by partnering with global leaders Thales. Eldyne today is the leading supplier of digital axle counters to the Indian Railways. In this field Eldyne represents Thales. Through innovation, adaptation and diligent application, Eldyne has established these products as the most dependable train detection systems in India. Eldyne is also a major manufacturer of signalling relays. Its factory produces a comprehensive range of metal-to-carbon contact signalling relays for Indian Railways. Signalling automation product integration and project execution is the main stay of Eldyne’s signalling project division. Eldyne has a team of people with deep knowledge of signalling principles and products. Domain knowledge, coupled with project management skills gives Eldyne the expertise in providing total signalling solution from design to supply and integration to execution and commissioning. Recently, Eldyne has embarked upon solar power projects. Through a synergy of product suppliers and engineering service providers, Eldyne executes small to medium solar power projects for businesses and institutions.


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