Single Section Digital Axle Counter
Insight on Single Section Digital Axle Counter
Single Section Digital Axle Counters (SSDAC) is a single entry wheel detection system mainly used for block proving axle counters as well as the last vehicle check to ascertain that no vehicles are left in the block section while the next train is entering. We at Eldyne offer the best Single Section Digital Axle Counters which has gained us popularity in all the Zonal Railways primarily for its stability and reliability. Furthermore, ours is a truly digital system unlike others which are combinations of both analogue and digital. Currently SSDAC is successfully operational in more than forty countries around the globe. In India we were the first company to have introduced this solution which revolutionised the travel through Railway in India. Today we have one of the largest foot print in India.
One System, Many Applications
The multiple applications of SSDAC complying with the requirements of The Indian Railways, especially the variety of block applications make our SSDAC system versatile in a decentralised format. The performance of our SSDAC System, namely model AzLS in all applications has been outstanding and unparalleled therefore. The mean time between failure (MTBF) and the per track section failure every annum is one of the lowest as compared to others. The option to control two track sections from one decentralised unit helps us in offering a very cost effective solution in case of Intermediate Block Hut (IBH) applications. In addition, the system can run in both copper cable as well as optical fibres.

SSDAC’s major applications are as follows:
Intermediate Block Hut Application
Block Proving Axle Counters
Last Vehicle Check
Automatic Block Section
Gate Warning System
The Overall Advantage
Eldyne makes the most reliable and safe SIL4 certified and EBA, Germany approved Single Section Digital Axle Counters.

It works reliably in twenty kilometers block section on quad cable.

The system that has been put in operation, has the flexibility to run on both copper cable and fibre optics.

We are the only approved vendor by RDSO for four Detection Point (DP) and three Track Section (TS) applications in India.

SSDAC has both an auto reset and manual reset facility.

Resetting of the system is done using power line and hence no additional cable is required. Lastly, it is the most energy efficient system.

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